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CHCS Services is a leading administrator of senior market and eldercare programs. Our outsourcing solutions, highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art resources provide high-quality, personalized services to each of our clients. Along with administrative support, we also offer customized care management solutions that help manage medical claims costs and improve customer satisfaction. When you work with CHCS Services, we will help you find the solution that makes sense for your company and its senior market program needs.

CHCS Services makes sense for your company because...

  • We manage millions of dollars in senior market premiums.
  • We process hundreds of thousands of claims every year.
  • We offer a customer contact center that is capable of handling inbound/outbound calls in multiple languages.
  • Our national network of registered nurses and healthcare professionals provides personalized care management services.
  • Our vast network of providers offers geriatiric care management and economy of scale savings.
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