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Client Testimonial
…… so helpful and responsive. She always gets right back at you within hours if not minutes. I really do think she is an asset to the CHCS team - Care Manager, A Long Term Care Client in the Northeast

…...(she) speaks for the whole staff who always praises (CHCS CM) above any other vendor representative that we have ever used - Director Care Coordination and Claims, A Long Term Care Client in the Northeast

Member Testimonial
Client Profile:
My mother is 75 years old and lives alone in the home where she raised her family. I am Michael, her only child, and I live 30 minutes away and visit with mom, once a week to help her with the shopping and paying bills. I began to notice some signs of memory problems and she was getting very frustrated with her forgetfulness. Otherwise, mom was extremely healthy and did not have any major medical problems. I began to question whether it was safe to continue to allow mom to stay in her home. My work schedule is hectic, and the kids are demanding more of my time with sports and music lessons. I do not think I will be able to provide the level of oversight mom is going to need. I knew she was paying premium on several insurance policies, one of them being Long Term Care Insurance. I did not know much about it, but decided to call the insurance carrier. I was beginning to feel uneasy with mom’s situation.

The Senior Solution:
After reaching the customer call center and explaining my situation I was offered the services of a care coordinator, a registered nurse who would be able to assist me. I felt an immediate sense of relief and was even more encouraged after speaking with Susan R.N. who said she would investigate community services in my area and would arrange for an R.N. to come to the home and do an assessment with mom and myself present. Susan explained the insurance benefits could be used to pay for a Home Health Aide or Private Caregiver to come to the house and assist mom with a variety of activities in order to maintain her safely in her home environment. The purpose of the assessment was 2-fold, one to determine if mom would be eligible for benefits and two, to provide Susan with all the information she needed to put a comprehensive service plan in place.

Prognosis: Peace of Mind
Mom was able to use her LTC policy for a HHA to come to the home 6 hours per day, 7 days per week. I was very pleased with the care giving arrangements and felt much better knowing mom was receiving supervision and assistance on a daily basis. Susan provided me with a variety of additional interventions and suggestions, such as special door locks and safety features for the stove. The LTC policy even paid for a Personal Emergency Response system for the home. Susan consulted with my mother’s doctor and suggested the services of an Occupational Therapist, paid by Medicare, who would work with her to provide her with memory aids throughout the home to make her stay there more comfortable and less frustrating. I was relieved to know mom was safe for now, and I am still working with Susan who offered me the services of a support group for my family. I actually feel good about what I have accomplished and I feel better able to face the challenges that could lie ahead. I know my Care Coordinator will be there for mom and will support our decisions regarding her care needs.

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